Lighting Artists and Their Tools

Oct 23, 2014
KP Events Group

The artistry and technical savvy involved in lighting design has always been a source of pride here at K.P. Events Group. Combining placement, varying sources, color schemes, luminance, concept and creativity are elements that we always consider when conceiving a lighting design. Among the arsenal of lighting sources in our inventory, the most versatile, dependable and mobile are our Chauvet wireless LED strip light systems.

One of the primary ways to create the “wow” factor at any event is through exciting and dynamic lighting. A well-thought-out lighting design can instantly heighten the ambiance of any venue and gathering. The Chauvet system is a perfect resource for obtaining that unique edge.

The wireless Freedom series, features 10mm LEDs for a tighter beam, battery power and an integrated D-Fi 2.4GHz wireless DMX system. Additionally, the amber LEDs provide an increased color spectrum, while a lightweight, rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the unit for up to 8 hours. For simple operation when wireless DMX isn’t needed, easy “point and shoot” operation is achieved with the infrared remote control.

We’ve used the system as up-lights, wash, beams, strobes and accents to rave reviews. Utilizing the variable dimming functionality, the colors can be highly saturated or muted as desired and the color combinations and sequences are endless. Through the DMX control system they are fully programmable for custom and audio activated configurations. The versatility and portability of the battery powered units are their greatest appeal, they can literally be used anywhere in any position or combinations. Their sleek strip design makes them suitable to any location or positioning within any particular set, stage or display.

Quite honestly, the Chauvet wireless LED strip light system is a robust product and can greatly benefit any lighting situation or project. They’re reliable, cost effective and a simple solution when you want to get artsy and creative at a moment’s notice or through well planned conceptions.

An artist is only as good as his creativity and tools; the Chauvet LED lighting system is an artistic tool no lighting artist should be without.

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