Mill River Park, A Celebration of Nature

May 24, 2014
KP Events Group

Over the past couple of decades Stamford, Connecticut has developed into a bustling urban center with large office buildings that are a testament to the future of this ever changing city, but right in the middle of this cityscape sits a diamond as a reminder of the city’s past, Mill River Park.

Recently, the Park was the site of a redevelopment celebration and a look into its future. Billed as “Dinner In The Park,” the Mill River Collaborative hosted 700 guests and dignitaries, including Governor Malloy, to recognize the four-year project, its impact on the City and its near completion.

K.P Events Group was integral in the staging of this elaborate gathering. Held on the Park lawn and in a large 82’ x 164’ framed tent, with several large video displays, multiple lighting designs and a dynamic audio system, the fundraising event was, by all accounts, a huge success for all parties involved. K.P., who has had an ongoing relationship with the Collaborative for several years and has always been community conscious, was proud to be a part of this historic affair.

On the cusp of irrelevance a few years ago because of old design structures, lack of funding and disinterest, the Park has now been nurtured into a beautiful expanse of nature in the middle of a very relevant city. Completely re-landscaped, including rerouting of the River itself, the Park stands out as a symbol of urban development, civic vision and the dedication to mother nature and all its grandeur. A vision of several city and business groups, the Park now shines and swells with pride.

As part of the new development, when completed, a few of the new 12-acre park amenities will include a sculptural canopy and porch, a carousel, a running trail, an event pavilion, an amphitheater, a series of slate steps leading to the river and a skating rink.

K.P. Events Group is excited about the possibilities for future events at Mill River Park; we look forward to helping showcase a true gem in the heart of our hometown.

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