Animating The Animators

Oct 01, 2014
KP Events Group

Fairfield County bustles with a bevy of exciting artistic and creative production firms, none more so than Blue Sky Studios. K.P. Events Group is proud to, once again, provide Blue Sky with audiovisual solutions to heighten an already entertaining event worthy of their cultural viability.

For the third year in a row, K.P. provided its own type of creativity for Blue Sky’s Annual Associate Talent Show. This fun and engaging event is always a favorite of the state-of-the-art animation studio’s imaginative staff.

The iconic 2002 digitally animated film, “Ice Age” is but one of the many colossal successes in Blue Sky Studio’s impressive catalogue, which also includes 2005’s “Robots” and “Rio” from 2011. Their many popular and profitable projects have firmly put the studio on the map and established them as leaders and innovators in computer generated animation feature film industry. The “Ice Age” franchise is only a sliver of the studio’s heft that boasts box office muscle, an Academy Award amongst many other prestigious industry awards, and ultimately, the respect of the industry as the most dynamic pioneers and trendsetters in their field. The magic they create on the screen is reflective of the everyday technology, artistry and sheer spirit that Blue Sky cultivates into their culture at their Greenwich, CT studios.

Each year Blue Sky Studio associates enthusiastically participate in a no-holds-barred talent show for their downright enjoyment. From one-act skits to crooning, from dancing to stand up acts, the studio is filled with laughter, merriment and joie de vivre. This year’s edition was no different and was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Blue Sky entices this type of camaraderie building to nurture a creative and self-empowering environment. K.P. Events Group provided staging, a follow spot and stage lighting for this fun annual event.

K.P. Events Group always strives to achieve a balance of technology and artistry in all our event designs. It’s always invigorating for K.P. to champion creativity in motion, especially in the hands of a group as cutting edge and important in the arts field as Blue Sky Studios.

Animators animating animation, all in an artistic days work.

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