K.P. Events Group Visualizes The Future

Aug 12, 2014
KP Events Group

One of the biggest challenges in this business is to verbally convey visual and graphic design concepts to clients and team members in a way that is comprehensive. K.P. Events Groups’ lighting designers come up with imaginative, creative and cutting edge schemes, but explaining these visual designs without the use of some sort of visual aid can be very frustrating, time consuming and costly when planning out a project. In addition to the new services introduced by K.P. Events Group this past year, including drone imagery services and in-house video production and editing, one of the most exciting new services is 3D Lighting Design Visualization Renderings.

Utilizing state-of-the-art virtual lighting technology, we now are able to create graphic renderings of proposed lighting designs to exhibit exactly how the design will work, the fixture placement and the resulting effects. We can produce detailed 3D visuals that will more clearly define our intentions and concepts for our clients’ events. We also are capable of creating video files of the effects along with lighting cues, transitions, focusing and shadowing within a virtual world.

The software also provides a variety of stock fixtures and effects with standard luminance and controls. A 3D virtual reality can be created to represent the space or situation of a proposed event or project. Most impressively, the technology even provides renditions of a wide range of other supportive elements such as lighting pipes, trusses, video projectors, lasers and special effects. The software we use also allows us to kick out blueprint type documents from the lighting designs.

The results have been nothing short of fabulous. The final renderings are very detailed and genuinely emulate the final design, equipment and venue. Our clients have been very impressed with the technology and are quite taken by the ability to truly comprehend the end result. Additionally, this initiative has also empowered our clients because they now have the ability to work with us and actively brainstorm, recommend and experiment with different ideas and creativity within a reasonable time frame and in a cost effective manner.

At K.P. Events Group we are constantly pushing the envelope to find cutting edge equipment, technology and knowledge to better serve our clients. We visualize the future and try to render it a virtual reality.

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