Mid-Year Principles From One Of The Principals

Aug 31, 2014
KP Events Group

August is always a good time to sit back and assess how a business is faring in a particular year. K.P. Events Group is currently in the midst of a very successful first half of 2014, with high expectations for the remainder of the year. Recently, we sat down with Company Co-Principal Greg Perry and got his thoughts on the year, so far, the industry in general, K.P. Events Group in particular and the future of both.

-K.P. Events Group is experiencing their most profitable and busiest summer in history. What do you attribute that success to; is it an industry trend, a natural company growth or an economic upswing? What are your thoughts and opinion on the Company’s good fortune?

GP: I really believe that our current success is attributed to several factors, among them being, our expansion of staff, our delegation of duties, our dedication to details, our efforts to continuing to learn our client’s needs, our step-by-step processes in our planning of events and our efforts to offer new services and technology.

-As a Company you’ve always ventured into larger and more challenging arenas and always tried to expand your scope, as far as projects and events are concerned; what services has K.P. developed to assure yourselves of consistently working events that boldly expand the Company’s horizons?

GP: We’ve tried to concentrate on our core business, which is event management, A/V, staging and lighting and also keep on the cutting edge of technology with our lighting and audio designs. We’re very proud of our move into the drone imagery business, video production, photography, trade show support, lighting design visualization and our concentration on improving our web site, but at the end of the day, it’s our staff. They really bring the professionalism and talent that creates and brands our successful services.

-We’ve noticed that one of the new services you’ve added over the past year has been Drone Imagery. Drones seem to be the flavor of the month. What are your thoughts on the viability of this service to K.P. Events Group and the service in the industry in general?

GP: I think our Drone Imagery services will be very successful. We’ve already created some stunning imagery that has brought quite a bit of attention to our Company including a featured photograph in the latest issue of Stamford Magazine and we’ve produced videos for some of our highest profile clients. We’ve planned out where we can use our drone camera for such scenarios as real estate, golf clubs and outdoor events and we plan to market the service aggressively so that we can expand into more digital media production. But having said all that, we are constantly monitoring government regulations concerning drone usage as we want to follow the proper mandates and of course we are always looking into the safety factors involved in this service. But we’re very excited about all the possibilities that this service can bring us.

-Based on the positive status of the Company and continuous growth at the midway point in this year, what do you see for the immediate and long-term future of K.P. Events Group?

GP: The industry has become very competitive and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon. But we feel it’s the quality of our service that sets us apart, not just opening up our doors every morning. Between listening to our clients’ needs and becoming their primary vendor, we’re looking to establish and nurture relationships. We feel very strongly that being a one-stop shopping Company is the key to our future. We’re very aware that clients have a choice and we want to be that go-to choice. We’re going to continue to give added value to our product by paying attention to our clients’ needs and constantly trying to refine our skills. We want to develop into a leader in the industry by not only being the best at what we do, but we also want to offer our clients support in other ways such as instruction, guidance and industry awareness. We want to use our web site to train, enlighten, inform and sometimes even entertain our clients and potential clients. I see a very bright future for K. P. Events Group, it s an exciting time for us.

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