Drone Services, No Flight of Fancy

May 10, 2014
KP Events Group

Have you ever wanted a bird’s eye view or thought of seeing things at heights and speeds that are usually unattainable?

Well, now at K.P. Events Group, fantasy is a reality.

With the recent acquisition of a fully remote control drone camera system, K.P. Events Group has positioned itself to the forefront of innovative imagery services in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Capable of videotaping and photographing at the height and distances of up to a half-mile and fully capable of flying, panning and zooming, the drone system produces breathtaking images of countryside, cityscapes and property. In conjunction with our editing services we’re able to produce imagery for our clients with several possible applications. We’ve already used the system to produce video content for web sites, event introduction and construction review. One cannot over emphasize the impact that can be produced with this system once we integrate artistic editing, powerful music and the fascinating visuals that the drone captures.

We’ve recently shot 360-degree video footage in construction sites and have hovered above buildings much to the awe of our clients. We’ve been able to shoot cost-effective video that in the past would have involved aircraft and a large budget. With our drone camera system, we offer our clients professional and captivating projects that in turn can propel their own products and services.

Real estate review, outdoor event coverage, marketing and construction appraisal are just a few of the various utilizations the drone system can have for our client’s needs.

Keeping technology, innovation and creativity as our beacon, we’re proud of our new drone imaging system, its capabilities and its possibilities. We welcome you to see for yourself the imagery we can produce for you in our video gallery on this web site.

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